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North Texas Overhead Door exist's simply to provide the best service in the Garage Door and Controlled Access industry. We have ctreated a "frequenty asked question" section to help our customers resolve garage door problems quickly. Please contact us by email if you have question not listed below, we will be sure to reply with an answer, and also post your question so future visitors can access the information. We recomend that you have your garage door serviced at least once a year. Feel free to call with any question; we exist to serve your needs.  

What routine maintance can the homeowner do themselves?

We recommend lubricating a garage door every three month. Lubricate the rollers, end bearings and coating your springs with silicone spray. Do not use WD-40 as it is ether-based and is more like solvent than a lubricant.

Do we sell torsion springs?

We do sell torsion springs, but only if we install them for you. Installing a torsion spring is something best left to proffesionals. The proper tools and the right spring, or combination of springs must be used.

If a door goes off track, what is the best course of action?

If your door is off track, Please leave it be and call us we offer 24 hour service and can have a tech to your house within an hour or two. Many times people can make the door off track worse by trying to secure the door themselves, someitmes doubling or even tripling the cost of repair.

Why do we reommend replacing one spring with two?

Many 16' doors are equiped with one spring.  we strongly recommend replacing the one spring with two lighter springs for the following reasons:  Two springs will last longer,  It's better for the door, then also if one spring breaks the door can be carefully lifted by hand.

Do we service your area?

Please go to our service area page at the following link:  Service area. If you don't see your city listed Please call we will still ber able to serve you conditional upon a trip charge.

Do we charge just to come out?

Not unless the appointment is after hours, or out of area.