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The most important part of a door is how it is installed.  Even the highest quality door will have problems if improperly installed. North Texas Overhead Door, treats every install, as if we were installing the garage door in our own home.

Fiberglass Faced Carriage House Collection (5500)

The carriage house style has been a fundamental design for decades. This elegant look of classic wood is now available with a virtually maintenance-free fiberglass exterior. The door is protected with light-weight, yet durable and impact-resistant fiberglass, that can be factory finished in three designer colors. Interior panels are painted white. The numerous glazing and hardware options will continue to add character and value to your home for years of trouble-free service.

Plywood Faced Carriage House Collection (5400)

This door is available in four designs - each design offers great detail from the beadboard face to the accent battens that will accept stain in your choice of color. Add two choices of face hardware and six different window options and you have a door that will certainly enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Broken Spring

Pre-Finished Steel Carriage House Collection (5300)

This Series was selected for its popularity and pleasing traditional architectural features which complement the look of numerous home styles. These doors replicate the classic look of wood with a virtually maintenance-free steel exterior and Poly accent battens. The light-weight yet durable steel exterior delivers years of deserved trouble-free service and protection.

Recessed Panel Carriage House Sandwich Doors (5290)

The 5290 doors are designed and built by some of the best craftsmen in the country. The wide variety of designs available with this model offer numerous looks that will add charm to your home for years to come. With the multiple options including designer inserts, glass variations, and external hardware it is easy to customize this door to acquire that unique design you have been looking for. The foremost beauty of this door is in its construction. An all-metal exterior is used on the panels as well as the overlays to ensure years of worry free maintenance. This coupled with the unique look of a true wood panel door will certainly make this premium door an easy selection.

All-Steel Sandwich Carriage House Door (5283)

Replicating the natural beauty of wood - the 5283 presents the visual distinction of a wood carriage house door while offering years of maintenance free service. The added benefits of a double-sided steel door with polystyrene insulation will offer protection against the natural elements while adding structural integrity to the door. Available in three designer colors and numerous window designs, the 5283 will provide direct curb appeal and add value to your home for years to come.

All-Steel Thermally-Broken Carriage House Door (5216)

The 5216 combines the beauty of a traditional, wood carriage house door with the strength and durability of steel. A foamed in place process using urethane foam completely fills the core of this new product, combining a high degree of structural integrity with an exceptional R value rating. PVC extrusions at both section joints provide a thermal break by separating the front and back of the door.

All-Steel Carriage House Door (5250/51)

The 5250 all-steel Carriage House door adds an additional option to the 5200 series. It combines the beauty and elegance of C.H.I.'s premier Carriage House models with the value of a pan-style door. Deeply embossed 25-gauge steel provides the traditional look of wood, and several window and color options make the 5250 an attractive yet economic choice from C.H.I.

All-Steel Carriage House Collection (5240/41)

The 5200 Series Steel Carriage House Door is truly an innovative product. Not only is it the premier carriage house door to be constructed entirely of steel, but it has been designed to give you, the homeowner, an historically accurate re-creation of the traditional wood carriage house door. C.H.I.'s Steel Carriage House Door provides the maintenance-free durability of steel and a limited lifetime warranty for years of worry-free protection. And with a diverse collection of window, hardware and color options, you can be certain to find the door that will complement your home perfectly.

Pan Overlay Carriage House Doors (5000/100)

Perfectly combining elegant design with economical sensibility, the 5000/5100 Series pan overlay carriage house door has it all. The wood-grain embossed steel base section is perfectly complimented by the smooth white overlays. Choosing either a sandstone or almond color for the base section creates a beautiful dual-tone look, unique to this Carriage House Collection. This exciting door series provides exclusive style, available for any home.

Impact Resistant Molded Fiberglass Doors (2700)

Your home reflects who you are and allows you to make the statement you choose. The largest door on your home will only add to that personalized statement. C.H.I. offers an additional way in which to do this with the high definition distinguishing look offered by this impact resistant molded fiberglass door. Created for those who choose to create a statement.

Raised Panel/Flush Thermally-Broken Door (2216/17-4216)

This exceptional line of garage doors incorporates a thermally-broken section design for superior weather protection. A 26-gauge exterior steel skin and 27-gauge interior steel skin filled with foamed-in-place urethane creates an extremely rigid barrier. A continuous section joint seal that impedes air infiltration additionally enhances this door. Available in six designer colors and a diverse collection of window options, this door will add value and appeal to your home for years to come.

Recessed Panel Sandwich Door (2294/96/98)

They may look like wood, but these models are actually all-metal, maintenance-free insulated doors. The front and back skins are made with a pre-finished, wood grain embossed steel and the cores are filled with high density polyurethane for optimum weather protection. An all-metal exterior is used on both the panels as well as the overlays to ensure years of worry free maintenance.

Raised Panel/Flush Sandwich Door (2285/86-4285)

A beautifully sound, top-of-the-line model designed to be both energy efficient and low-maintenance. This door features a pre-painted, easy-to-clean steel exterior with an insulated core and is built to fill the most demanding requirements. Owners will soon find themselves taking for granted the longevity, durability, and smooth operation which comes naturally to a door built this well.

Raised Panel/Flush Sandwich Door (2283/84)

An attractive, select model engineered for durability and energy efficiency. The 2283/2284 is available in 3 pre-painted, easy to care for colors, with an insulated core that protects through the harshest conditions. The beauty of this door is continued on the inside with polyester coated steel protection. Designed to complement a wide variety of home styles, this model will provide many years of dependable service.

Raised Panel Pan Door (2240/41-4240/41)

For a traditional-looking, heavy-duty steel door, the 2240/41 and 4240/41 models are truly among the best around. Available in five designer colors, it is an attractive top-of-the-line door that will both compliment the looks of your home and provide dependable protection for many years. Designed to accompany a wide variety of home styles, this heavy-gauge model is fit for a long life.

Raised Panel Pan Door (2250/51/55 - 4250/51/55)

Durable. Economical. Built for both longevity and value, this door recreates the elegant look of wood with a deeply-embossed, distinctive panel design. It has the appearance of our top-of-the-line models, yet remains economical and efficient - making it one of our most popular models. Available in four designer colors, these durable steel doors complement the look of almost any home.